Friday, 15 March 2013

Just a quick little post to ease my self back into the blogging world again. Summer has been crazy busy in the Dandelions and Kisses household.

I can not believe today is official the last day of our Summer and my baby girl starts big girls school tomorrow. It only feels like yesterday that we was bringing her home from the hospital. Ok Ok now where was I before I start crying again Oh yes a quick little post. While Elijah was napping the other day me and Lola decided to raid my makeup bag and play a little dress up. Its amazing how a little eyeliner can create an afternoon of play and make believe. I love how amazing my little munchkins imagination is.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I heart London....

This fathers day weekend the Dandelions and Kisses household went to London for the day. After the weather we have been having in the Uk the past few weeks I was a little worried this was a bad idea but I am pleased to say I was wrong the Sun decided to make an appearance just for us. :-) 

We did not really do much sight seeing just went to all the places we love and did quite a bit of window shopping (ok so a few sneaky purchases were made mainly around a certain makeup shop) 
Was Elijah's first trip to London and his first time on the train. I loved how observant he was he seemed to love every minute esp the underground he is such a noisy baby that he was in his element with all the people, he was chatting away to everyone. Miss Lola-Rose fell in love with the street performers in Covent Garden a huge amount of time was spent  watching them. 

 It does not seem to matter how many times we have been to London and gone the Harry Potter platform the Mr and Lola never seem to find it any less magical Elijah joined in with the love for it Saturday (I really think Damian and Lola believe maybe one of these times they visit it that at the right time the trolley will go through). Arhhh.

 Peterborough No longer has a Disney Store (waves hand in the air in disgust) so a trip to the Oxford street shop was a magical experience you would have thought all Lola's and Elijah's Christmas and Birthdays had come at once. We have now had our Disney Store fill for a little while we was in there a  good hour and a half. 
Oooo Arhhh Liberty (I think that says it all). 
Makeup Heaven. 

Sunday was a rather chilled day after all the excitement of the big city. We went round the In-Laws for a yummy roast dinner then chilled in the evening with a movie. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and Spoilt the Daddy's in your life.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lola-Rose's Forth Birthday..

Once Upon a Time......

It has been very busy in the Dandelions and Kisses household this weekend. A weekend of family, cake and celebrations. Not only was it the Queens Diamond Jubilee but it was our little Princess's birthday. Four I can not believe my baby girl is 4 where has the years gone...

The theme of the party started as Princess. Ariel Is her favourite Disney Princess at he moment but it kind of shifted to more of a over - all Tea Party (getting in the spirt for the Jubilee celebrations)with a fairytale look.  I have lost count of how many cupcakes I have made over the last 4 days. We had Tea in teacups and Teapots (very British and Alice in Wonderland) and homemade Cupcakes and cream and jam scones. The whole thing was just all very pretty and girly I was completely in my Element.

I ended up making the little Lady two birthday cakes, The first being a Ariel Princess Doll cake. I have never made a doll cake before and I have to admit was very worried about making but it actually was very easy (with the help of MANY YouTube videos) and I loved the final outcome. The second cake was double layer Victoria Sponge and Lemon Drizzle with a buttercream icing (yum yum). The party was lovely and my little Lola-Rose loved every second and was totally spoilt.

Roses from our garden. 

My beautiful Baby Girl. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Whole lot of Coral...

 This week seems to have gone so quick and the weekend seems to have gone even quicker.
The Sun has decided to bless us with it presence, fingers crossed it lasts.
 I have been trying to take full advantage of it with spring inspired nails (words can not describe how happy I am that you can now get Essie nail polish from Boots) 
 Elijah turned 16 months this week, boy thats gone quick and the list of words that he has learnt this week is huge some include 'oh wow', 'Oh dear' 'Shhhh' while placing his finger on his lips, 'Mum look' everything has been 'Mum look' he is far too cute for his own good and Lola and myself seem to spend  most of our days following him round trying to just hug him (to his annoyance).
 Saturday was spent Prom dress shopping with my beautiful sisters and my Mum. We had an amazing day and spent far too much money but was well worth it and I can not wait to see my baby sister all dressed up fancy, looking beautiful in her amazing Prom dress (now thats an event I'm looking forward to blogging).
The beautiful flower my little Lola-Rose picked me.
I seem to have gained an obsession for everything coral as you can see. Ive gone coral crazy from bags to nails and lips.  
There has been quite a lot of hype around the 'eos' lip balms and as a lip balm addict, I have been desperate to try them out but they seem to be hard to come across in the UK, so when I found an ebay seller selling them for £3.95 you can not imagine how excited I was (ok so maybe this mummy needs to  get out more or maybe it was because it came in Coral).
Hello Kitty iPhone Case.
 L'Oreal Rouge Caresse 301 Dating Coral.
 Essie Mint Candy Apple.
I heart my new purse. It was love at first sight.
Accessorize £16. 

Not to end on a depressing note but is it me or does it seem all the best TV shows seem to end for the season all at the same time. Vampire Diaries, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Smash, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie and dont get me started on the tears I shed for the very last Desperate Housewives (still can not believe that's it). 
However it looks like we may be able to get through some of the ever growing pile of movies we still have to watch. 

Ok, so on to something a little less sad a little more cute....

Oh I nearly forgot I finally made it to the cinema to see the Avengers movie and it was kinda (in the words of Barney Stinson) Legendary
I went in thinking maybe this movie had been hyped up to much and would not live up to the expectations but boy was I wrong.
 I can not decide who I fell in love with more. The Hulk or Captain America. 

Ok so my parting thought for you all is this, (if you have seen this movie and the box office figures indicate that most people have) who would you want to personally save you???


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Totally in love with these pictures of Lola-Rose. Was picture day at pre-school yesterday so thought we would take a few snaps before hand as my little lady looked to cute. 
She wanted mermaid hair and Alice like clothes as these are her loves at the current time and I have to say the two styles worked well.
I think we have another little designer on our hands..

Monday, 7 May 2012

A few weekend pictures...

It's been a weekend of family, roast dinners, books (I decided to give in and read the Hunger Games, which I may add I loved) and chilling in the warm while it rained and rained a little bit more. I guess it would not be a Bank Holiday in the UK if you did not throw some rain into the equation.
I really hope the weather is going to pick up soon especially with the little ladys birthday just round the corner.
 I can not believe my Lola-Rose is going to be four, where has that time gone and I really don't want to think about the fact she is starting Primary School in September. We find out Wednesday which school she has got into so fingers crossed..... 

Hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday and not let the rain ruin it. I am running out of indoor activities so if any of you have any good ideas to keep the kids amused I would love to hear them. 

Friday, 27 April 2012

A Friday Haul

 The Postman has been very busy this week delivering to the Dandelions and Kisses household, lots of lovely little packages have been arriving all week (and I may add all have been for me for a change) 
I have been totally spoilt this week with lots of lovely things.

 New IPhone 4s. 
(all my other Iphones have always been black so thought hey ho lets change it up a bit and go for the white one).
Aprils Glossy box. I heart everthing in this months box. 
Eyeko Curvy Brush Mascara (this is a re-perchise this mascara is amazing I Highly recomend it). 

Happy friday people, I hope you all have a good weekend. It is crazy raining in the UK, so not sure what our plans will be I do know however the new Avengers movie will be included somewhere amounst it.